Ceiling Mounted Lifts

  • Tell Me About Ceiling Mounted Lifts

    Mother helpding child use ceiling mounted lift

    In its simplest form a ceiling mounted lift system consists of a lift that rides on a track attached to the ceiling. To use the lift a caregiver places the patient in a sling (this can be done without any lifting) attaches the sling to the lift which then raises the patient into the air. Once the patient has been raised high enough they can easily be moved anywhere along the track and lowered. Ceiling mounted lifts are often used to transfer patients back and forth from a bed to a wheelchair as shown in this photograph.

  • The Horcher Unilift PC-2 Portable Ceiling Mounted Lift

    Unilift PC-2

    The Horcher Unilift PC-2 is a portable ceiling mounted lift often used by EHLS. The PC-2 is light (18.5 lbs.) and compact which makes it easy for a caregiver to carry from place to place. Since it can be moved to wherever it's needed you avoid the need to purchase multiple lifts for different locations. It also allows you to save money by installing short sections of track where needed rather than having to install a single continuous length. The PC-2 is powered by a rechargeable 24v battery and is supplied with its own charging unit. The stanard model has a lifting capacity of 440 lbs. An optional upgrade is available that will increase the lifting capacity to 600 lbs.

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  • Ceiling Mounted Lift Track Systems

    Ceiling Mounted Lift Track

    Track layouts for ceiling mounted lifts vary in complexity based on the needs of the patient and caregivers. Sometimes a simple straight section of track inside a single room provides the lifting and transfer capabilities required. In this project the track starts just inside the bathroom door and travels to the shower area.

  • Savaria 1504 control panel

    This layout is a bit more complex than our previous example. Here the track starts in the bedroom over the area where a bed will eventually be placed. From there it makes a 90-degree turn and passes through the center of a doorway leading to the adjacent bathroom. Though it is hard to see in this picture, take a look at the carpentry work EHLS did on the upper door frame. Because of the channel in the upper frame the track will not interfere with the door as it swings back and forth.

  • 1504 Call station

    Manufacturers even have portable track systems that can be installed quickly without disturbing the surrounding walls or ceiling. These systems may be helpful when there is a short term need for assistance.

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  • Patient Slings

    Boys on TKAccess VPL

    Choosing the proper style and size sling is an important issue in a ceiling mounted lift project. Your EHLS representative can explain the different options and will help choose the sling best suited for your needs. Our reps can also demonstrate the proper techniques for helping patients in and out of the sling.

  • Child in Walking Sling

    There are a number of specialized sling designs to choose from including this walking sling which can be very helpful for gait training.

  • Woman in 2 Piece Sling

    This 2 piece sling is one of the most common and widely used sling configurations.

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  • Ceiling Mounted Lift Costs

    Ceiling Mounted Lift - Man Above Bathtub

    The cost to install a ceiling mounted lift can vary widely depending on the length of the track, number of turns, the number of doorways the track passes through and type of ceiling. A simple configuration to transfer a person between a bed and a wheelchair would cost roughly $4,000. As always the best way to get an accurate cost is to call our office (847-215-9490) and schedule a free assessment with one of our accessibility specialists.

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