Toilet & Sink Access

Toilet Access
The toilet is a common problem that people with disabilities face. A standard toilet has a rim height of about 14″ which is too low for many people, especially those with a disability. There are a variety of ways to raise the toilet seat and make it easier to get on/off of the toilet.

Toilet Access Options:

  • Extended Height or ADA Toilet
  • Toilevator
  • Grab bars around toilet
  • Commodes and seat risers
Sink Access
Space is the primary issue facing a wheelchair user when trying to use the sink. A typical bathroom sink and vanity don’t provide space below the sink for a wheelchair user’s feet and legs. The accessible solution is to clear the area below the sink to provide room. There are several ways to create that space.

Sink Access Options:

  • Wall mounted sinks
  • Pedestal Sink
  • Vanity Top
  • Motion sensitive faucet

Let EHLS help you make access to your sink as safe, easy and comfortable as possible.

toilet access
sink access

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