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Accessible Bathrooms Make Your Life Easier: Regardless of the disability, the bathroom almost always creates a challenge and it is very difficult to feel at home if you don't have safe and convenient access to a bathroom.

Customized: By definition, modifying a bathroom is very personal - based on needs, preferences and the space available. EHLS' years of experience have taken us beyond just installing equipment and taught us what actually works. The modifications we make are based on the needs of the client and caregiver.

Attractive: Accessibility doesn't mean institutional. An accessible bath can be beautiful and as luxurious as you imagine. While an accessible bath modification must create safe and secure transfers, there isn't any reason that it can't be finished with beautiful tile, accents and a stylish sink.

Safety: True accessibility is mostly focused on creating the space for safe and secure transfers and creating a flow to safely use the bath area. Safety may be as simple as some strategically located grab bars for balance or it may require a full bath remodel. EHLS can help you in determining the right answer.

Why EHLS: EHLS has modified thousands of bathrooms over the years. Regardless of what needs to be done, EHLS has the expertise, resources and experience to create a beautiful accessible bathroom that can dramatically improve the quality of your daily life. Give us a call and we'll be happy to arrange an appointment to discuss your needs.

Why an Accessible Bathroom: A barrier-free, bathroom design accomodates someone with a disability. Barrier-free bathrooms offer a safe solution for people who have reduced balance and mobility. As most bathrooms are shared, accessible designs must address everyone's needs.

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Barrier-Free Showers :
A true barrier-free shower makes it easy to walk or roll into the shower without any impediment.
A Roll-In or Barrier-Free shower solves the problem of getting into and out of the shower or tub for the user and the caregiver.
At EHLS we fully recess the shower floor to create a completely barrier-free shower, install a handheld shower, and help you select the right shower chair as well.
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Shower chair system with tilt feature
Provides a more thorough bathing experience
Alleviates heavy lifting for caregiver
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Walk-In Tubs:

Walk-In Tubs preserve the luxury of soaking in the bath for those who can no longer step in or out of a traditional tub.
Walk-In tubs can simply replace an existing tub or integrate into a fully accessible bathroom remodel.
Enjoy a therapeutic and satisfying whirlpool without worry!
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Using an Existing Bathroom Tub:

EHLS can also help with a variety of solutions and modifications that can make using an existing bathtub easier and safer.
Bath chairs, tub transfer benches and bath lifts are popular solutions.
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Bath Lifts

Bath lifts create independence, making it easy to get in and out of the tub to soak.
A battery-powered reclining bath lift will lower you safely and easily into the bath.
Features a strong, stainless steel frame that safely supports up to 297 pounds.
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Toilet Access:

The toilet is often the biggest challenge in the bathroom. EHLS understands the issues and can help.
Solutions include grab bars for stability, a Toilevator to raise the toilet, toilet frames, and automatic lifts.
Let EHLS help you determine the solution that best fits your needs.
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Sink Access:

Creating space to get to the sink is the first challenge.
Wall-mounted sinks provide the greatest access but a pedestal sink can also work.
Faucets and levers are also important for safety and ease of use.
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Grab Bars:

Grab bars may be all that is needed for safety, stability and independence.
Grab Bars provide a hand-hold and the little extra balance when in the shower, tub or getting on/off the toilet.
Grab Bars can be mounted on the wall or floor. Depending on needs, grab bars can often be swung out of the way when not in use.
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