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Residential Wheelchair Ramps

Old faithful – Ramps provide reliability born of simplicity. Our years of experience will help you design the right ramp for your needs – a site built wooden or concrete ramp or a portable aluminum ramp that can be quickly installed.

Let EHLS help you – Contact us to arrange a free in-home assessment.

Wood and Concrete Ramp to House

Wooden and Concrete Ramps

Site built ramps are the lowest cost option for longer ramps and can be tastefully integrated into landscaping.
Site built ramps typically require a building permit and can be customized to the specific site.
Portable Ramps to Buy or Rent

Portable Aluminum Ramps

Great for short-term applications or for areas that only need a ramp occasionally.
Portable ramps are easily stored out of the way.
Aluminum threshold ramps are also a great solution for that last step into the house.


Rental Ramps

Rental Ramps

EHLS rents portable aluminum ramps up to twelve feet long. Our ramps are rated to 600 lbs and have curbs on the side for safety. A rental ramp is a great solution for short term need. EHLS will drop-off and pick-up the ramp as part of the rental.