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Vertical Platform Lifts for Public Buildings

Vertical Platform Lifts are a great alternative when addressing accessibility needs in public buildings. VPL’s are a cost effective way to help a wheelchair user overcome an impediment from a single step to a 12 foot flight of stairs.
Outdoor VPL with Glass Enclosure
Low Rise VPL with Factory Enclosure
Vertical Platform Lift in a Hoistway Chicago
Vertical Platform Lifts are regulated lifts and are limited as follows:

VPL's are limited to a lifting height of 12 feet – though in certain instances an exception will be granted by local authorities.

VPL's are allowed to have up to three stops or landings.
VPL's are required to pass a state mandated inspection after they are installed.
VPL’s in a commercial or public building must be in an “enclosure or hoistway.”

All of EHLS’s Vertical Platform Lifts satisfy the requirements of the ADA and ANSI A18.1 when installed correctly.

Enclosure / Hoistway Options:
Factory Enclosure – A factory enclosure is a prefabricated enclosure that surrounds the VPL. The interior enclosure walls are flush and ensure that there are not any shear-points as the lift raises and lowers. The enclosures are complete – including gates, doors and safeties as well as the lift’s controls.
Constructed Hoistway – A Vertical Platform Lift in a public building can also be installed in a hoistway that is constructed of either studs/drywall or masonry. Fire rating requirements often determine the requirement for a constructed hoistway.
VPL Options:
Lifting Technology – Commercial VPL’s use either hydraulic or ball screw lifting technology. The lifts can also be configured with either A/C or Battery operation. If battery operation is selected – the batteries are constantly trickled charged.
Controls – Commercial VPL’s are configured with key operation, emergency stop buttons and constant pressure switches or paddles.
Custom Platforms and Colors – can be chosen to match your projects requirements and aesthetics.
Let EHLS assist you with all phases of your project – from design, to permitting to implementation – we are here to help.