EHLS Offers Complete Wheelchair Lift Solutions

Extended Home Living Services is a national leader in wheelchair lifts. We have the expertise to help you select the right equipment for your wheelchair access needs. We understand the equipment and where it works best. Use the links below to learn more about the options for wheelchair users.

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Vertical Platform Lifts

wheelchair lifts vpl
Vertical Platform Lifts, also known as VPLs, are versatile lifts designed to help wheelchair users travel between levels.
  • Appropriate for indoor or outdoor use
  • 750 pound weight capacity
  • Weather protected controls
  • Automatic self-lowering ramp
  • Up to 14’ of travel
  • Also available for commercial settings
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Inclined Platform Lifts

wheelchair lifts ipl
Inclined Platform Lifts, or IPLs, are lifts that to carry a wheelchair user over an existing staircase on a level platform.
  • Appropriate for indoor or outdoor use
  • 550 pound weight capacity
  • Anti-skid surface
  • Grab bars available for added stability
  • An obstruction sensor and safety brake ensure secure travel
  • Also available for commercial settings
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wheelchair lifts scalamobil
Scalamobil is a battery operated portable stair climber that attaches to most manual wheelchairs.
  • Weighs only 54 pounds making it a compact and lightweight option
  • Can carry a maximum of 265 pounds up 300 steps on one battery charge
  • No modifications or installations to existing building structures
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