Bath Tub Access

Bathtub Access for Safe Entry: The edge of the bathtub is, in many cases, the greatest obstacle to safe and secure bathing. In cases where a barrier-free or roll-in shower is not the proper solution, there are a number of alternatives to help make tub access safer and more secure. Properly located grab bars and power bath lifts are both very helpful for those who need assistance when getting in and out of a bathtub.

Below are some other very common and practical solutions for those who need help getting out of a bathtub:

The Shower Buddy is an ergonomic shower transfer system that alleviates heavy lifting while maintaining the dignity and privacy of the user. This unique shower chair system with a tilt feature provides a more thorough bathing experience for the patient and easier reach for the caregiver. It is a good solution for clients with temporary needs or bathrooms that they cannot modify and still want complete tub access.

Here are some of the ShowerBuddy products we offer:

We understand the different systems and can advise you on the right solution for your unique situation. Bathtub freedom and complete tub access is only a phone call away. Please fill out the form below or call us at 847-215-9490 to learn more!

Key Features:

  • 300 lbs. capacity
  • Removable/foldable arms
  • Rolls over toilets or can be used as a commode
  • Full aluminum frame
  • Lightweight, durable, and easy to use
Tub Access


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EHLS knew what I wanted because they asked me. I’m a full-time student and don’t have a lot of money, so they planned something I could afford.

I was really impressed with EHLS. From the initial phone call, to how everything was handled when the salesman came out to my home for the actual consultation. The salesman who came out to my home was very professional, knowledgeable and honest with me. He described exactly what it was that I would need to make my bathroom fully accessible and safe for me to use.  He described in detail what was required, and was full of helpful and useful advice. I really appreciated his honesty and help with the process and could not have been more happy with the work they did. Thank You, EHLS!

I recommend EHLS to my patients because they do quality work. The misconception is that anyone can put in a grab bar, but if it’s not done right it can lead to a fatality.

My dad is delighted with the transformation and, in particular, with the new features that will make the bathroom accessible for my mom upon her release from the nursing home. I can only imagine her reaction when she sees for herself what we have “been up to” for the past several weeks.

We highly recommend EHLS’ consulting and contracting services to make your home or place of work accessible. EHLS is qualified, professional and creative. Without exaggeration, EHLS is one of the best companies we have had the opportunity to work with.

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