Automatic Door Openers

We can install automatic door openers – which allow the user to enter and exit without having to touch the door. These are often a big help for our customers who can now open and close doors with a touch of a button.

Remote controlled deadbolts are another option that provides security and ease of access with the difficulty of key.

Our door openers are aptly named (Open Sesame) and provide the ultimate ease in entry and exit. Please fill out the form below or call 847-215-9490 to learn more!

Door Widening

Doors and Doorways can often create surprising barriers. EHLS often widens doorways or reverses the swing of doors to create the extra room required. If only a little additional space is needed – “swing-clear” hinges can create that extra 1-1/2? which often makes all the difference. Quite frequently, we replace door knobs with lever handles to provide easier access.

EHLS stands apart from other home accessibility companies because we are licensed contractors. We have the ability to perform our own carpentry work to make the right solution available to you! By keeping this service in-house we bring you the lowest possible cost when, for example, pairing a door widening with a transfer lift system.

Please fill out the form on this page or call 847-215-9490 to learn more!

Automatic Door Openers - EHLS

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