Walk-In Bath Tubs for the Greater Chicago Area

Walk-In bathtubs allow users to enjoy the pleasures of independent bathing again. In addition to preserving the luxury of soaking in the bath, walk-in tubs often include therapeutic massage features.

Walk-In Bath Tubs are not strictly speaking fully accessible, but they do allow users to use the tub if they can’t manage a traditional tub. The tub door allows those who can’t step into a traditional tub to step over a relatively small threshold and into the tub. The anti-slip base and seat give you the extra confidence to enjoy bathing in comfort again. The contoured, generous molded seat assists you as the seat height is designed for ease of sitting and standing and the depth of the tub provides for comfortable bathing.

A Walk-In Bath Tub can fit perfectly into the space of an existing tub or can be integrated into a fully accessible bathroom remodel. Call us today and let EHLS help you to decide if a Walk-In Bath Tub is right for you.

Walk-In Bath Tubs typically include:

  • Built-in grab bars and seat for stability
  • Anti-slip floors and seat
  • Self-sealing doors
  • Only a 6” step
Walk-In Tubs


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We highly recommend EHLS’ consulting and contracting services to make your home or place of work accessible. EHLS is qualified, professional and creative. Without exaggeration, EHLS is one of the best companies we have had the opportunity to work with.

My dad is delighted with the transformation and, in particular, with the new features that will make the bathroom accessible for my mom upon her release from the nursing home. I can only imagine her reaction when she sees for herself what we have “been up to” for the past several weeks.

My wife and I recently had our bathroom made wheelchair accessible through the MOPD Home Modification Program. The work was performed by EHLS. We wanted to let you know the work was performed in the highest professional manner possible. They showed up on time, worked non-stop, and thoroughly cleaned up after each day. We were also happy to find that I was included in every aspect of the renovation to ensure it would work for me. The finished result was above and beyond all of our expectations. We could not be happier.

I recommend EHLS to my patients because they do quality work. The misconception is that anyone can put in a grab bar, but if it’s not done right it can lead to a fatality.

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