Walk-In Bath Tubs for the Greater Chicago Area

Walk-In bathtubs allow users to enjoy the pleasures of independent bathing again. In addition to preserving the luxury of soaking in the bath, walk-in tubs often include therapeutic massage features.

Walk-In Bath Tubs are not strictly speaking fully accessible, but they do allow users to use the tub if they can’t manage a traditional tub. The tub door allows those who can’t step into a traditional tub to step over a relatively small threshold and into the tub. The anti-slip base and seat give you the extra confidence to enjoy bathing in comfort again. The contoured, generous molded seat assists you as the seat height is designed for ease of sitting and standing and the depth of the tub provides for comfortable bathing.

A Walk-In Bath Tub can fit perfectly into the space of an existing tub or can be integrated into a fully accessible bathroom remodel. Call us today and let EHLS help you to decide if a Walk-In Bath Tub is right for you.

Walk-In Bath Tubs typically include:

  • Built-in grab bars and seat for stability
  • Anti-slip floors and seat
  • Self-sealing doors
  • Only a 6” step
Walk-In Tubs


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EHLS knew what I wanted because they asked me. I’m a full-time student and don’t have a lot of money, so they planned something I could afford.

I was really impressed with EHLS. From the initial phone call, to how everything was handled when the salesman came out to my home for the actual consultation. The salesman who came out to my home was very professional, knowledgeable and honest with me. He described exactly what it was that I would need to make my bathroom fully accessible and safe for me to use.  He described in detail what was required, and was full of helpful and useful advice. I really appreciated his honesty and help with the process and could not have been more happy with the work they did. Thank You, EHLS!

We absolutely loved the two installers. They treated the kids like they were their own grandchildren and they were so kind with my mom. They were wonderful and I could have not asked for two better people to work with.

I recommend EHLS to my patients because they do quality work. The misconception is that anyone can put in a grab bar, but if it’s not done right it can lead to a fatality.

Great job. Very dependable and easy to work with.

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