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Need a Lift?

Posted on by John Burfield

If climbing your stairs has become difficult due to limited mobility or chronic illness, a stair lift might be the right solution. Installing a stair lift is a quick and affordable way to help you remain independent in your home and can even be used to assist with tasks like folded laundry or meals from floor to floor.

Lifeway Mobility offers a variety of stair lift options, including straight stair lifts and outdoor stair lifts, for homes with decks or second-floor entrances. We also offer custom stair lifts for homes with curved staircases, split levels, or intermediate landings.

Benefits of a stair lift:

  • Professional installation within 1 day in many cases
  • No structural changes to your home
  • Flip up arms, seat, and footrest
  • Easy-to-use controls
  • New, refurbished, rental, monthly payment and buy-back options
  • Made in the USA

How much does a stair lift cost?

Straight stair lifts with installation start at $2,200 for used units and $2,800 for new units or as little as $49.50/month with no down payment for qualified buyers, which includes warranty and in-home consultation.

Curved rail stair lifts will vary in price, but typically cost starts at $9,500 (installed) and includes a custom built a rail that will fit the precise dimensions of your staircase.

Rental options start $1,095 and include the first 3 months of rental, installation and removal.

Stair lifts are a much simpler home modification than most people expect. A Lifeway Mobility professional will visit your home and help you determine which product best meets your needs and lifestyle.

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