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Curved Stair Lifts vs. Straight Stair Lifts

Lifeway is an expert in both straight and curved stair lifts. The information below can help you get an idea of what’s possible for your home, but for a more in-depth assessment, please contact us. One of our experts will come to your home and perform a free accessibility evaluation and help you choose the products that meet your specific needs.

One Curved Stair Lift or Two Straight Stair Lifts?

We often come across customers who are considering installing two straight stairlifts for a staircase with a 90° turn at a landing. While the two straights are less expensive, it is often quite unsafe. The user will have to transfer between chairs mid-way, there usually isn’t room for a caregiver at the landing, and the landing is usually very crowded and difficult to navigate for the user.

Curved Stairlifts

When a stairway changes direction we recommend a custom curved chairlift. The rails of a curved stairlift are custom fabricated to exactly match the twists and turns of the stairs. Our suppliers can bend rails in amazing ways which allow us to install lifts on some very complicated stairways. The two curved stairlifts pictured here give you an idea of the possibilities with a curved stair lift.

Project Timing

By their nature, straight rail lift components can be delivered and installed more quickly than their curved rail cousins. Curved rail units are custom made to fit a particular stairway and this process takes a certain amount of time. In general, Lifeway can install a curved stairlift 4 to 5 weeks after the detailed measurement is completed. Your Lifeway representative can give you delivery times for the various lifts we install.

Detailed Measurements

Most manufacturers have created CSI-like technology to simplify and improve the results of the detailed measurements. Using a digital camera to photograph the stairs, the systems create a digital model of the staircase that is used to create the custom rails for the staircase, improving quality and shortening the delivery time.

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