Accessibility Solutions for Commercial & Public Buildings in Chicago, IL Area

Is your Commercial or Public Building accessible to everyone? Public building accessibility isn’t an issue if you call EHLS! Your clientele and community may include the elderly and persons with disabilities; your building may have barriers that make it difficult, if not impossible to navigate entrances and use your building. Let EHLS help! There are many ways to make your commercial or public building more accessible and comply with both the ADA and Illinois state building codes.
EHLS can help you make the right choice – whether it’s a vertical platform lift, inclined platform lift, wheelchair ramp or stairlift. Click the links below to learn more about making your Public Building more accessible.
Vertical Platform Lift

Vertical Platform Lifts

  • EHLS has over 20 years of experience in the installation and service of commercial wheelchair lifts.
  • We have installed thousands of lifts in schools, churches, restaurants, offices and other public buildings.
  • Our vertical platform lifts are made by the top wheelchair lift manufacturers
Inclined Platform Lift

Inclined Platform Lifts

  • EHLS carries both straight and curved commercial inclined platform lifts.
  • The platform folds-up when the lift is not is use – so the stairs are open and easy to use.
  • IPL’s are custom manufactured to match the slope of the staircase of your public building.
LULA Elevator - To The Top Home Elevators

Commercial LU/LA Elevators

  • EHLS is happy to provide elevator solutions to commercial buildings in the form of LU/LA elevators.
  • LU/LA stands for Limited Use / Limited Application.
  • These elevators are a mix between a full sized commercial elevator and a wheelchair lift.
Commercial Dumbwaiter


  • Perfect for transporting heavy items in restaurants, retail stores, warehouses, etc.
  • Our commercial dumbwaiter, the Paca-Waiter is designed for non-passenger vertical transportation applications.
  • Net load capacity of 300 or 500 pounds

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Customer Testimonials

Due to EHLS’ expertise in accessibility, the HomeMod Program is well on its way to making Chicago the most accessible city in the world.

Last week I received a wheelchair lift and I just wanted to thank EHLS for providing me with the lift. I think you guys have a wonderful program, and you make people’s lives much easier. This wheelchair lift has giving me my independence back and I’m very grateful for that. It’s such a great feeling being able to get in and out of my house and not having to rely on family members and friends for their help. I would also like to thank the guys who installed the lift. Thank you again for this wheelchair lift, it has truly changed and brought so much happiness into my life.

Outstanding work.”

James, Thank you and your crew for the outstanding work done for Fiona O’Neill. The family is very thankful and so are we at the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Fiona can now bathe with dignity and privacy. Sincerely, Nancy Corts Make-a-Wish Volunteer Wish GranterNancy Corts

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