Free Standing Systems in Chicagoland

Free Standing Systems support a more effective transfer system than the traditional mobile lift. These systems have a lightweight and economical design and come ready to use. A free-standing system can also be easily assembled by one person in minutes!

Since free-standing lift systems do not require installation or mounting with the ceiling, they are a great option for rental situations or when ceiling lift and permanent tack installations are not possible or difficult. These systems can often provide a more cost-effective solution for permanent and temporary applications. Give us a call @ 847-215-9490 to find out which free-standing lift system would work best for you!

EHLS offers the following Prism Free Standing Systems:

FST-300 Free Standing System:

The FST-300 is great for residential or institutional use, as it is the most affordable free-standing lift available. Weighing just 45 lbs.This system can be easily assembled in less than six minutes without the use of tools.It has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. and lifting range is up to 7 ½ ft. in height. Best of all, this system is perfect for both permanent and temporary solution and requires little to no maintenance.

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Sequoia Lift System:

The Sequoia keeps the caregiver and patient in mind by offering both flexibility and versatility. This system can be easily assembled in less than five minutes, comes ready to use and does not require the use of any tools. The Sequoia’s design and capabilities accommodate for variances up to 24 inches in floor height. Its frame adjusts in length and height making it a perfect solution when ceiling track installations are not possible. It has a 440 lb. weight capacity.

Download the Sequoia Lift Brochure

Pressure Fit System:

The pressure fit system is the newest temporary ceiling lift solution. It has the same benefits as a standard ceiling lift, but it does not require a structure attachment. It has a 440 lb. weight capacity, providing safety for the user and caregiver. The system requires minimal installation because the system works by exerting equal pressure between the ceiling and floor to stabilize the lift without causing any damage to the ceiling. It additionally comes with a built-in level and pressure gauge indicator, allowing for accurate and confident installation.

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Free Standing Systems


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My only regret is not having gotten our portable ceiling lifts sooner. We waited too long and my wrists, shoulders and back could take no more. Please advise others not to wait. I highly recommend this product for ALS patients; it is the only safe way to transfer someone who no longer has use of the arms and legs. I beg of you to get the word out so others get the relief they need. Everyone involved were most supportive. Our sincere appreciation for all your help in getting the job done as soon as possible.

Our installer was wonderful, extremely competent, and helpful. He explained the operation of the lift very well and in terms my 89 year old mother could easily understand. Thanks!

We highly recommend EHLS’ consulting and contracting services to make your home or place of work accessible. EHLS is qualified, professional and creative. Without exaggeration, EHLS is one of the best companies we have had the opportunity to work with.

Ed and I just wanted to thank you and your company for all the time you spent out here in our home in Brookfield. We were really pleased and comfortable brainstorming options with you and you definitely gave us ideas to think about. You are really good at your job. I only wish that more of the companies that I interact with on a daily basis about my daughter’s medical needs were as responsive and respectful as you are. There’s comfort in knowing that there’s a professional company ready to meet our needs and just a phone call away.

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