EHLS is Now Offering Bruno’s New Power Folding Rail

EHLS, Bruno’s top Chicago area stair lift dealer, is proud to announce that Bruno‘s NEW folding rail can be added as an option for all of Bruno’s straight rail stair lifts that we sell and install. The new folding option can be a manual folding rail or a power folding rail that automatically folds upward once the rider and chair are safely clear.

New Manual and Power Folding Rail Features:

  • Electrical components are now inside of the rail, providing a clean look
  • Low-profile, unobtrusive design
  • Manual folding rail locks into position by itself for easy use
  • A handle that makes it easy to move the folding rail up or down

Do I need to add a folding rail?

There may be a number of reasons why a manual or power folding rail may need to be an option. However, the three most common reasons why our experts would recommend folding rail to your Bruno stair lift are:

  1. There are family members or a caregiver living in your home, and the extended rail is going to be a tripping hazard
  2. The rail is an obstruction to a doorway
  3. The doorway or hallway at the bottom of the stairs is narrow

Image of Bruno's New Folding Rail Halfway Folded Up Image of Bruno's New Folding Rail fully folded up Image of Bruno's New Power Folding Rail for Straight Stairlifts

Should I add a manual or power folding rail?

The type of folding rail that you will need to add to your stair lift depends on your ability to bend down and fold/unfold the rail. If you have a difficult time bending down to pick something up from the floor, then a power folding rail would be recommended. However, if you are capable of folding the rail up yourself, or if you have another person living with you that can fold it, then a manual folding rail is likely the better option.

How does a manual folding rail work?

With your foot or walking cane, push the locking lever that aligns the rail. After release, the lightweight
rail folds up easily with the assistance of a gas spring.

Image of a man's foot on the folding rail's foot lock Image of the Folding Rail's easy to use handle

If you would like more information on the new folding rail or would like a free stairlift assessment, please call us @ 847-215-9490. One of our friendly team members will be glad to help you!