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EHLS Metal & Platform Modular Wheelchair Ramps

EHLS carries aluminum modular wheelchair ramps that are designed for permanent and semi-permanent situations. The ideal accessibility solution for people with short-term or long-term disabilities, they are also the perfect solution for temporary applications – visiting relatives, special events or a rental situation. It will allow for easy access for both standard and unique entryways in residential and commercial settings. More affordable and durable than wood and steel wheelchair ramps, these systems are low maintenance and will not rot or rust. These wheelchair ramps are made 100% in the USA by EZ-ACCESS and are constructed from a material that is environmentally friendly!

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Advantages Over a Wooden or Steel Ramp

  • Maintenance free
  • Will not rot or rust – made from environmentally friendly material
  • Quick & easy installation – minimal disruption for you and your family

Metal and Platform Modular Wheelchair Ramps Features:

  • Quick and easy year round installations – allows for quick solutions for those in need
  • Designed to withstand Chicago winters – ramp will not deteriorate and always look new
  • Allow rain and snow through mesh surface – allows ramp to be usable at all times
  • 850 lbs. capacity – easily accommodates power chair with caregiver
  • Non-flammable, slip resistant grooved aluminum – provides great traction for caregivers

Aluminum Modular Wheelchair Ramp – Joliet, Illinois


Modular Platform Ramp Options

Surface Options


  • Most popular option
  • Raised ribs provide slip resistance and all-weather traction

Wheelchair Ramp Solid Surface Option

Expanded Metal

  • Diamond shape openings allow for
    • Multi-directional traffic
    • Debris, rain and melting snow to flow through

Wheelchair Ramp Expanded Metal Surface Option


  • Extruded section with stamped (punched) holes
  • Provides a functional design with slip resistance
  • Built for all-weather traction & added drainage for wetter climates

Wheelchair Ramp Perforated Surface Option

Three Available Handrail Styles
  • Single Rail – continuous top rail and most economical solution
  • Two Line Rail – most popular configuration that provides an additional gripping surface by adding a second rail beneath the continuous top rail
  • Vertical Pickets – Offers added level of safety for children and small pets
  • Horizontal Pickets – Aesthetic option while maintaining safety
  • Manual gate provides additional safety at the top of the stairs or the beginning of the ramp
Landing Pad
  • Solid surface provides a safe and solid landing at the bottom of a ramp run.
  • Ideal for use when a ramp ends in the grass or other soft surfaces.
Angle Platform

This time-saving option allows for multi-dimensional angle changes and uses less space than traditional platforms. All handrail and surface options are available on the angled platform.

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Your EHLS crew just finished and the ramp looks great! The newly installed ramp will give my husband accessibility to his own house and he will be so pleased with it as well. We so appreciate working with us on this very important project in our home. Thank you.

Thank you for making our cookie party possible. We hope all of you enjoy some of our cookies!

The ramp looks great! We’re very happy with it. We even decked it out with balloons and streamers to welcome my Dad home from the hospital on Friday! Thank you all so much for your help and timeliness.

I have been blessed, blessed by you, the Ramp-Up Foundation and Extended Home Living Services . . . The workers from EHLS were courteous and the quality of the work is excellent. The adaptations are very safe, functional and blend into the look of my home rather than standing out.

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