Scalamobils Available in Chicagoland Area

A scalamobil is perfect stair climbing solution for children and adults! It is a battery operated portable stair climber that easily attaches to most manual wheelchairs. This innovative device can ascend or descend almost any type of stair from spiral staircases to wood or stone step surfaces without wear and tear. The scalamobil provides a way to climb stairs in your own wheelchair!

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The Scalamobil comes in several configurations:



How Scalamobil Works: With four rotating wheels at the base of the unit, the Scalamobil moves easily up and down steps at your pace with the adjustable speed control or with a step-by-step function. Each wheel is equipped with a safety brake that automatically stops at the edge of every step*. In order for the scalamobil to work, the back chairs on the wheelchair must be removed. Climbing stairs in your own wheelchair has never been easier!

*Scalamobil must be used in accordance with the operating instructions.

Scalamobil Key Features:

  • Weighs only 54 pounds making it a compact and lightweight option
  • Can carry a maximum of 265 pounds up 300 steps on one battery charge
  • No modifications or installations to existing building structures

Scalaport X7

The Scalaport X7 does not require a bracket to be mounted on a wheelchair and does not require the removal of the wheelchair’s drive wheels. Like the scalamobil, it makes it possible to climb stairs with a variety of wheelchairs. Often times, the scalaport X7 is used for driving services, in special care and handicapped centers as well as in public buildings such as schools. It can also be a solution for private wheelchairs that do not allow the mounting of a bracket for scalamobil. The complete wheelchair can be attached to the scalaport X7 in seconds, and it can be folded easily for quick storage and easy transport. In order to attach the wheelchair to the X7, the two back wheels on the wheelchair must be removable.

Scalachair X3

The scalachair X3 is a compact transport chair that attaches to the scalamobil and is ideal for narrow staircases when a person’s wheelchair is too large. The scalachair X3 can easily be detached for use as an indoor push chair.

The scalachair X3’s easy-rolling wheels make the chair easy to push and provide a secure footing to shift to another chair. The chair’s cushions can also be removed so that they can be washed.

Options and Accessories:

  • A folding version of the X3 is available – it can be folded with just one movement, making it easy to store.
  • Headrests for extra comfort
  • Handgrips to help with pushing the chair
  • Lap strap or harness
  • Maximum weight of occupant: 308 lbs.

Scalacombi Eco S34

The Scalacombi Eco S34 is a chair that is built into the actual scalamobil. It can easily and safely master walkable staircases both indoor and outdoor. The scalacombi is most often characterized by its user-friendly design and handling. Its new climbing mechanism allows it to master even spiral staircases.

Important Benefits of the Scalacombi Eco S34:

  • Accessible control elements make it easy to use
  • Handles with height adjustment to adapt to the height of the operator
  • Soft handles for a comfortable and safe grip
  • Minimal space required-perfect for narrow staircases
  • Patented comfort-gearing with soft-step feature
  • Optimal protection of the stairs thanks to triple-surface-protection


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