Transfer Lifts & Ceiling Mounted Lifts

EHLS is proud to carry trasnfer lifts from Horcher and Prism Medical. Below you will find a general overview of our portable and permanent patient transfer lifts. Our experienced professionals would be happy to go over the specifics of our individual lifts with you in person. EHLS will work with you to find the perfect solution.

The lift portion of a ceiling mounted lift system can either be permanently mounted on the ceiling track or be portable and moved between sections of track.

Portable Lifts

  • Easily moved between sections of track in different rooms
  • Lower cost
  • Eliminates need for continuous track installation

Permanent Lifts

  • Used on continuous track system that travels within or between rooms
  • Battery operated
  • Charges while at charging station or continuously along the length of the track

In addition to lifting patients, Permanent Lifts can also use power to travel along the track with the patient. Powered travel allows the caregiver to use the lift’s remote to control the patient both when lifting and moving along the track. Some users prefer to move patients along the track manually. Permanent Lifts require track to be continuous to allow access to the entire system.

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Our installer was wonderful, extremely competent, and helpful. He explained the operation of the lift very well and in terms my 89 year old mother could easily understand. Thanks!

My only regret is not having gotten our portable ceiling lifts sooner. We waited too long and my wrists, shoulders and back could take no more. Please advise others not to wait. I highly recommend this product for ALS patients; it is the only safe way to transfer someone who no longer has use of the arms and legs. I beg of you to get the word out so others get the relief they need. Everyone involved were most supportive. Our sincere appreciation for all your help in getting the job done as soon as possible.

Ed and I just wanted to thank you and your company for all the time you spent out here in our home in Brookfield. We were really pleased and comfortable brainstorming options with you and you definitely gave us ideas to think about. You are really good at your job. I only wish that more of the companies that I interact with on a daily basis about my daughter’s medical needs were as responsive and respectful as you are. There’s comfort in knowing that there’s a professional company ready to meet our needs and just a phone call away.

Not only has this lift improved life for my son, but it has helped take some of the strain off of me from lifting. Could not be easier to use and operate. Thank you again!

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