What exactly is a LU/LA Elevator?

The word LULA stands for Limited Use / Limited Application and it is sometimes referred to as a hybrid between a commercial elevator that you see in most buildings and a wheelchair lift enclosed in a hoistway. The main reason businesses, schools, or churches install a LU/LA elevator is to provide a safe and accessible way for all visitors access all levels of the building. (up to 3)

LULA Elevators - St. Charles, Illinois

LU/LA Elevator installed in St. Charles, IL by EHLS

LULA elevators are the ideal elevator type for low-rise buildings, with all the features that you would expect from a high rise commercial elevator at a fraction of the cost. It will take up less space than a traditional style elevator would and does not require as many maintenance visits. Standard commercial elevators require monthly maintenance. On average, LU/LA elevators require maintenance every six months.

Designed to provide handicap accessibility to educational settings, places of worship and up to 3-story professional offices, a LULA can travel up to 25 feet and carry 1,400 pounds.

With automatic sliding doors and commercial fixtures, a LULA delivers a professional appearance and a smooth ride for passengers. Upgrades include stainless steel two-speed doors to deliver a modern and sleek look.

The LU/LA Elevator is your cost-effective, space-saving solution to ADA-compliant accessibility! Please contact us if you have any questions about LU/LA elevators.

LU/LA Elevator Features Include:

  • Travel speed: 30 feet per minute
  • Stainless steel or brass control panel and call stations
  • Stainless steel handrail
  • Digital floor indicators
  • 36” wide doors
  • Cab size: up to 18 square feet
  • Fire rated steel panel cab
  • Emergency battery back-up for lowering
  • Emergency interior lighting
  • Stop and alarm emergency buttons
  • Requires less space for the machine room, smaller pit and overhead requirements than a commercial elevator
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